Technomont Frýdek-Místek s.r.o. was incorporated in 1992 as a 100 % Czech-owned private company employing several dozen employees. Despite intense competition it has become a strong, economically healthy and stable company with over two hundred employees and an annual turnover exceeding € 10 mil. This company growth was possible particularly through the responsible and ambitious work of all its employees.

The company concentrates on the power, chemical and cellulose industries with the following portfolio of key operations:

  • manufacture of steel structures and machine parts,
  • assembly of steel structures, repair of technological units, industrial boilers, pipelines and pressure vessels,
  • servicing of production equipments.


Technomont Frýdek-Místek s.r.o. is a significant supplier in these sectors not only in the Czech Republic, but also with substantial expansion into foreign markets. In recent years more than 60 % of its production is exported.

All the company´s operations are run in its 10 000 m2 production facilities with extensive machine equipment, including a wide range of machining equipment, welding units, measurement and checking equipment. Handling of products in the respective halls is provided for by bridge cranes with a load capacity of 30 t.

The company also has a specialized welding centre, guaranteeing high quality of its welders and their skills.

All production and services comply with respective ČSN standards or ISO, EN and DIN equivalents.