• Manufacture of steel structures
  • Pressure and non-pressure vessels and heat exchangers
  • Components for oil-rigs, parts for drill ships and cranes
  • De-dusting and filtration equipment
  • Reservoirs and silos
  • Other machine and technological equipment
  • Customized production to meet customer requirements
Manufacturing of stainless steel tank
Steel structure of ramming machine
Self-cleaning air filter for gas turbine

Manufacture of filters for cleaning air in gas turbogenerators, dedusting equipment, crane supporting structures and parts for rolling mills constitute a significant share of production capacities. In the field of pressure and non-pressure equipment we specialize in the production of vessels in the volume range from 10 m3 to 3000 m3 and pipe heat and recuperation exchangers with smooth or ribbed heat exchanging surfaces for various heating media.

 In addition, we produce statically and dynamically loaded steel structures, parts for special lifting and handling equipment, air and flue gas channels and pipeline parts and steel chimneys (DN 700 to DN 3000) and pressureless panel and pipe exchangers flue gas/air – LUWO. We are able to supply all products made either from carbon steel or stainless steel. Finishing the surface according to the customer´s requirements is a matter of course.