• Machining on CNC horizontal boring machines
  • Machining on CNC lathes
  • Milling, grinding
  • Bending on a CNC press brake
  • Rolling on four-roller machine with pre-bending
  • Plasma cutting
Frame of cutting machine
Part of edge trimming machine
Manufacturing of shafts

We specialize in the production of spare parts, machining of castings, forgings and the production of machine parts such as gearboxes, base frames for machining and forming machines and complete machine equipment such as trimmers and cutters for rolling mills, ramming machines for coke plants and transmission units. Our machining equipment can work on large parts weighing up to 12 t. 

Four-roller hydraulic sheet roller HRB-4 3025
The roller has four rollers which enables pre-bending of the sheet prior to actual rolling.
DURMA HRB-4 3025 also rolls conical parts up to 1.5 times the diameter of the top roller.
Technical parameters
Working length: 3 100 mm
Maximum sheet thickness: 25 mm
Top roller diameter: 400 mm 

CNC hydraulic press brake E-40300

The CNC controlled press brake guarantees maximum accuracy, speed and reliability. The press enables bending sheet from carbon steel up to a thickness of 10 mm and  length of 4050 mm.

Technical parameters
Working length: 4 050 mm
Stroke: 245 mm
Press force: 300 t 

Horizontal NC boring machine WHN 13.4 a WHN13.8-CNC
max. table size: 1 800 mm x 1 600 mm
max. transversal table travel: 3 500 mm
max. vertical travel: 2 000 mm 

Horizontal CNC boring machine W 100
max. table size: 1 250 mm x 1 250 mm
max. transversal table travel: 1 600 mm
max. vertical travel: 1 220 mm

MGM Omnicut 5000G - CNC burning machine
burner: gas, plasma
width : 2 500 mm
length : 8 000 mm
max. material thickness: 200 mm, plasma max. 25 mm

tilting plasma head with tilt +/- 45°
perpendicular pipe cutting Ø 100 - 600 mm, thickness walls max 20 mm


PIERCE SCORPION 2 500 Centre lathes

max. turning diameter above lathe bed: 655 mm
max. turning diameter above lathe carriage: 390 mm
max. centre distance: 5 000 mm

max. turning diameter above lathe bed: 500 mm
max. turning diameter above lathe carriage: 250 mm
max. centre distance: 2 000 mm

max. turning diameter above lathe bed: 630 mm
max. turning diameter above lathe carriage: 340 mm
max. centre distance: 4 000 mm 

CNC lathes
max. turning diameter above lathe bed: 630 mm
max. turning diameter above lathe carriage: 350 mm
max. centre distance: 1 200 mm 

CNC lathes GT380LA
max. turning diameter above lathe bed: 700 mm
max. turning diameter above lathe carriage: 570 mm
max. centre distance: 1440 mm

max. machining diameter: 950 mm
max. clamping diameter: 800 mm
max. workpiece height: 420 mm 

Milling machines
max. table size: 600 mm x 1 400 mm, 300 mm x 800 mm

Hobber for gear manufacture
module: 1 to 8
max. wheel diameter: 750 / 1 000 mm
max. clamping diameter: 850 mm 

Round grinder
rotating diameter: 650 mm
max. centres turning diameter: 3 000 mm
max. hole diameter: 120 mm
max. hole length: 140 mm 

Flat grinder
max. table size: 600 mm x 200 mm
max. workpiece height: 150 mm

Slotting machines, Drilling macines, Tapping (thread)
Shearing machines up to thickness 16 mm
Small rollers
Band saw – cutting range: D345, 510x345